Admission Criteria


The registration of the child does not guarantee admission to the school. The registration fee is neither transferable nor refundable.

The selection procedure for admission in the new session start in March are enclosed.

Documents required:
-- A copy of birth certificate as issued by the municipal or Govt. Authorities.
-- Recent passport size photographs.
-- Report card/mark sheet from the school last attended.
-- Transfer certificate ( in class II and above ) from the school last attended and countersigned by the affiliation authorities.

--Aadhar Card of the student

Selection Procedure

(a) For Playgroup to LKG
The admission is on the basis of availability of the seats. ( On first come basis. )

(b) For UKG onwards
The admission is on the basis of an evaluation and the performance in the school previously attended.
The Management of the school, acting through the Principal reserves the right of admitting any pupil who seeks admission in the school.

Minimum age requirement as on 31st of March of the year of admission

For Play Group: 2 years
Nursery: 3 years
For other add one year for each higher class.
-- Admission of the child in any class is subject to availability of seat in that particular class.
-- Fee will be charged for twelve months irrespective of the month in which the student seeks admission.
-- Admission of the student is not the right of the parents, but it is at the sole and absolute discretion of the school authorities.
-- Tuition Fee, to be paid quarterly is required to be paid within 15 Days from the start of the quarter, failing which a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged.
--None payment of the fee in stipulated time will result in strucking off the name of the student from school rolls.
-- A brother sister concession of Rs. 100 (per month) in monthly fee is granted.


Notice for withdrawal of the student must be given one month in advance under the signature of the parents. Failure to do so will entail payment of fees for the period in lieu of notice.

Non continuance of the student in new session should be intimated in writing to the school office before last day of February (of that year).