Pre-Primary School

Mother Teacher’s Kindergarten, one of the best in the region, boasts of most innovative and engrossing teaching-learning techniques.

Our commitment to each child is an individual combined with a dedicated professional staff that extends an affectionate and stimulating environment where children feel safe and free to explore the world around them. Our classrooms are well equipped with the material that encourages imagination and socialization – including books, manipulatives, blocks and sensory activities.

The pre-primary block is a world of fantasy. The rooms are well lit, air conditioned and beautifully decorated. The furniture is well designed in a most attractive way. Every week an activity is fixed and the whole class participates. On the last day of every month birthday of students falling in that month are celebrated in the school.

Indoor & outdoor sports are an integral part of the child’s development. Dance, Music and Art & Craft are the medium by which a child gains interest in different fields and develop a wholesome personality. The tiny tots are made to feel at home in school.

The fully air conditioned activity room for the kids is a real paradise for them. Hundreds of wonderful toys are there for the children to play with.

Primary – Middle School

Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than look back.

At the primary level there is an emphasis on development based curriculum and students learn the essential concepts of each subject. Special stress is laid on inculcating optimistic attitude and healthy habits for positive self esteem.

Foundation in reading, creative writing, communication, science and mathematics are strengthened in a well planned learning process that makes teaching leaning personalized and meaningful.

During the middle school, the student’s intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is intensified and extended. Setting high standard facilities. There is a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence. The students are made active partners by building respectful teacher-learner relationship.

In this highly advanced age of science & technology, the cultivation of scientific spirit is essential. No man in modern civilization can think of living a purely contemplative life. He has to participate in some kind of production with adequate training.

At MTS students are exposed to scientific atmosphere from middle level itself.

Senior School

PRIMARY – MIDDLE SCHOOL knowledge and skills gained during the Middle school helps the students at Secondary level and equip them with a firm foundation in the core subjects and develop strong learning skills to pursue a variety of educational steams in future.

The Senior school has big, airy and colourful classrooms. Hi-tech English lab builds up the spoken English atmosphere in the campus. The lab is equipped with headphones on each seat for helping the student in learning the correct accident and pronunciations.

Well equipped Science labs help the young minds to experiment the scientific concepts and develop scientific thoughts and teach scientific method to the young learners.

State of the art computer labs enable individualized learning through interactive CD-ROMs. Hi-tech digital classrooms, online learning and assignments and smart assessment system reduce the burden of the young learner and stimulate students interest in studies because of graphically presented concepts and audio – visual support.

The big spacious library ignites the passion of reading in all young avid readers.

We propose to upgrade the school to plus two stage with the option of choice from Science, Commerce and Humanities.