Welcome to Mother Teacher School

The establishment of the Child Education Society in 1999 was done with the purpose of preserving our rich culture and heritage and to pass on our legacy to the future generations. Considering that education plays a vital role in building a sane society, it was immensely crucial to foray into this field for the betterment of the nation and humanity at large.The  institution lies in the able hands of Mr. Kapil Mittal & Mrs. Nishi Mittal, the President of the Society, and visionaries. Their dedication and passion have been the force behind the expansion of the organization from just Play Way to + 2 level today.



Mother Teacher Creche & Pre-School is a branch of Mother Teacher School  situated at Near Flyover, College Road, Barnala. 



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Mission & Vision

We strongly believe in continuous growth and thus accept change and bring necessary changes that prove beneficial for the growth of our students. At Mother Teacher things are never static -they are always changing that makes us moving ever onward in our journey to success.

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Message from Chairman

The fundamental aim of education is to produce future citizens who are aware, who are sensitive to the needs of the society they live and who are willing to contribute to it in a positive manner.

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From the Desk of Principal

Aristotal once said "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

It is rightly said, "The whole purpose of education is to teach the child how to think and not what to think".

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